Best Scuba Mask in 2023 [15 Top Picks]

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One of the first things new divers pick out is their scuba mask. I think we can all agree that diving is that much more enjoyable if we have a mask that fits comfortably, is easy to clear, and doesn’t leak. This post reviews the best scuba masks to help you find the perfect fit for you.

I’ve only had 2 masks in the last 10 or so years but I think I bought more than 5 in my first couple of years of diving. No I didn’t lose them (well maybe I lost one to the ocean depths) but I kept buying the wrong mask and regretting my purchase. It took multiple tries and hundreds of dollars to figure out how to select a good scuba diving mask.

Picking the best scuba mask can be daunting even for experienced divers so we’ve done the hard work for you. Hopefully with our research you can find the perfect fit with far less trial and error than I’ve had to go through. So let’s get into our picks for the best scuba masks of the year!

Best Scuba Mask in 2023

Best Scuba Mask Feature Comparisons

MaskWindow StyleVolumeDesignPrice
ScubaPro GhostSingleLowFrameless$$
TUSA ParagonDoubleLowFramed$$$
ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFitDoubleLowFramed$$
Oceanic ShadowSingleLowFrameless$$
Apeks VX1SingleLowFrameless$$$
Atomic Sub-FrameDoubleLowFramed$$
Atomic VenomSingleLowFrameless$$$
IST Pro Ear MaskDoubleLowFramed$$
Hollis M1SingleLowFrameless$$
Aqua Lung Wraparound4 PaneHighFramed$
ScubaPro Crystal VU Plus4 PaneLowFramed$$
Cressi F1SingleLowFrameless$
Cressi MatrixDoubleLowFramed$
Ocean Reef Space GSingleHighFull$$$

The Best Scuba Mask Reviewed with Pros and Cons

Best Ultra Low Volume

The Ghost has an ultra low volume and frameless design. This makes it easily pocketable as a backup mask and also a breeze to quickly clear underwater.

It is comfortable and for its size has a great field of vision. The strap buckles rotates making it great for packing it up for your next dive trip as it folds down fairly flat. We recommend protecting it in a padded bag for travel to save space.

Photographers will appreciate that the soft silicone skirt that comes in white or black. It is anti-reflective so there won’t be a glare when you’re trying to get the perfect shot.


  • Looks great in white
  • Strap buckle angles can be easily adjusted and even folded flat for packing
  • Comfortable ultra low profile design


  • The ultra low profile may not be a good fit for larger noses or wider faces

Best For Color Correction

The TUSA Paragon has a price that can put a dent in your scuba fun money but for many people it is the ideal purchase. It makes the colors underwater much more vibrant because of the added coating to the lenses.

Photographers in particular will enjoy the more vibrant views underwater with an improved ability to color balance well the first try.

Since the coating also provides UV protection, dive professionals and anyone spending a good deal of time on the water will benefit from the added eye protection.


  • We like the color enhancement underwater as it makes diving that much more enjoyable
  • The lens color gives the mask a look every bit as high end as it is
  • Fits a wide variety of facial structures and does well for people with facial hair


  • The quality of this mask comes at a hefty price though most argue its a justified price point

Best For Small Faces

With the latest version of the Synergy you’ll not only keep the glare down at the surface but you’ll also catch some looks from other divers. The mirrored lenses reflect the sun and just plain look cool.

Underwater, the colors will be enhanced with a softening of the blues so you’ll see a bit more of the true colors.

From a fit perspective, the Synergy has a double skirting system that makes it the ideal choice if you’ve struggled to find the right fit before. The double layer makes for a great seal even on smaller faces.


  • Mirrored lenses keeps the glare away on the surface
  • Double skirting makes for a more custom fit for different sized faces
  • More likely to get a tight seal with this mask versus others
  • Good for men and women


  • The mirrored lenses make night diving visibility lower
  • Your dive buddy may have trouble seeing your eyes at depth

Best For Large Faces

The Oceanic Shadow comes in two sizes with the regular size being good for large faces. While it has a good sized nose pocket the skirt comfortably molds to your skin creating dives with less leaks. At the same time it comes in a form factor that is minimal and can even fit into a BCD pocket for a backup mask.

You have the option of a clear skirt or the mask comes in white and black. Photographers tend to prefer black as there’s less reflective glare.


  • Comes with a neoprene strap so it won’t pull out your hair
  • Large skirt on the regular size fits larger faces well
  • Folds down relatively flat so it can fit into a BCD pocket or travel conveniently


  • Some people may miss the rubber strap as the neoprene can stretch a bit over time

Best For GoPro

The OCTOMASK pioneered making it easy to dive with a GoPro handsfree. The built in mount attaches to all models of the GoPro with a nut and thumbscrew so you can record your dive from the viewpoint you experienced it.

It has a dual safety tempered lens and low volume design. In our testing we found it comfortable to wear and really enjoyed being handsfree during the dive.


  • Handsfree videos / photos of your dives
  • Low volume design makes it easier for traveling
  • Embedded nut for the thumbscrew attachment means the GoPro won’t accidentally fall off when it’s removed


  • You have to be careful of how you blow your bubbles so that you don’t blow the cameras view
  • Only comes with a padded travel bag, no case

Best Frameless

Apeks is one of the best Scuba brands around and their mask collection shares the same high quality as the regulators we love. The VX1 is our pick for the best frameless as it’s lightweight and low volume making it easy to clear and to travel with.

We love that there are 2 lens options to choose from, a Pure Clear and a UV filter version. With the clear lens the clarity is excellent. For just a slight price increase you can get the UV filtered lenses to protect your eyes from UV rays on the surface.


  • Two lens options – Clear and UV Filter
  • Commination of matte and gloss silicone on the skirting improve the seal
  • Low volume design makes it easier to clear quickly
  • Great for travel


  • For the price we would prefer it include a neoprene strap

Best Framed Mask

The Atomic Sub-Frame has a frame built to last years. Made of 316-grade stainless steel you won’t have to worry about the corrosive damage saltwater can do for a long time to come.

It comes with the Ultra-Clear glass which gives great clarity underwater. You’ll also appreciate the teardrop shape to the lenses as it gives a wider range of view especially when you need to glance down and check your gauges.


  • Strong and built to last with durable materials
  • Impressive clarity underwater without any greenish tint that can distort the colors you are seeing
  • Does well on night dives and in low light environments
  • Atomic makes corrective lenses specifically for this model so there’s no need to search for a company to modify your mask or to use an insert
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty where most masks come with only 12-36 months so you can have confidence its built to last


  • Some people may find the fit around the bridge of the nose a bit tight

Best for Beards

The Atomic Venom is the mask for those of you with furry faces. It maintains a seal even with a mustache or beard which means you don’t have to shave to have leak free dives anymore.

While this is our pick for guys with facial hair, there’s a lot for everyone else to like. The Venom is a high quality mask that is extremely comfortable to wear. It sports an aptly named ‘Gummi Bear’ ultra soft silicon skirt. You can really feel a difference as the mask stays in place without needing to overtighten it.

The Superwhite UltraClear lens cuts out the green tint that can be found in lower quality masks. This means the colors you see will be more real life and crisp.

Finally the ultra wide lens makes you feel unrestricted in your view from side to side.


  • Great looking mask that feels high quality
  • Incredibly clear and expensive field of view
  • Soft fit with the dual silicone providing a superior seal
  • Smiling underwater doesn’t cause leaks for those that normally have that issue


  • Heavier than other masks so may need to be worn a bit tighter
  • On the higher end of the price scale

Best for Ear Problems

This mask incorporates ear covers that both keep your ears drier and help you to equalize more easily. For those that have frequent ear infections this is a mask to definitely try out. Many people have ended their struggles with ear difficulties by using this mask.

A tube connects the mask with the ear cups. If you experience difficulty equalizing you simply breathe out slightly through your nose and your ears should clear.


  • Keeps water out of your ears so less chance of ear aches and infections
  • Makes equalizing ears easier
  • Has a kid sized version in addition to the normal adult size
  • Can be used with prescription lenses and diopters


  • Large and can feel bulky to wear

Best For Backup Mask

The Hollis M1 has a simple and clean design that makes a great everyday mask. It’s even better as a backup mask as its low profile design makes it easy to stow in your BCD pocket.

There’s also reduced iron content in the lens which resulted in increased clarity and less green tints that can sometimes be present with other masks.


  • Easily fits in a BCD pocket
  • Low profile makes it fast and easy to clear
  • Good visibility in low light environments


  • Not the best fit if you have a larger nose
  • Takes some extra effort to get the protective film off so you may have an initial foggy dive or two

Best For Panoramic

Originally a design from US Divers before Aqua Lung bought them many years ago so it’s sporting an old school design. Its squared off shape does make it bulkier than other masks but the side view windows keep the field of view open.

Many decade long divers swear by this mask so its built to last and at a price point much lower than the more modern styles.


  • Side windows improve peripheral views
  • Good fit for people with prominent brows
  • Lower price point but a good value
  • Old school design to vintage diving enthusiasts


  • Takes more effort to clear due to its high volume design
  • Some reports of leaking so make sure its a fit for your face

Best with Purge Valve

The options are limited for masks with purge valves but the Crystal Vu Plus is a fan favorite.

If you haven’t used a purge valve before it can make clearing water from your mask easier. It works similar to a snorkel with a purge valve. You give a hard blow from your nose and the water is pushed out through a small valve below the nose pocket.


  • Ability to clear water from your mask hands free
  • Side window panels provide an expansive field of view
  • The ulna clear tempered glass doesn’t have a green tint that many lenses have


  • Some people experience discomfort from the purge valve pushing against the bottom of their nose when equalizing

Best for Budget Frameless

The Cressi F1 is a comfortable and compact mask but its the price that stands out. To get a similar look you’d normally pay double or triple the price.

The silicone is soft and flexible making it easier to equalize your ears. It also is extremely compact, making it a good option for travel or as a backup mask.

The F1 comes in a variety of colors. We like the white the best as it stands out underwater. Pink is also a popular choice that you don’t find in other masks.


  • Great looking mask that comes in a white, black and even pink
  • Low profile and comfortable to wear
  • Folds down almost flat so it will easily fit in a BCD pocket and is great for travel


  • The strap buckles are not replaceable and eventually begin to tear away from the silicone
  • Smiling or laughing underwater may cause you leaks

Best for Budget Framed

The Matrix delivers a big field of view in a small package. With the extended tear drop shaped lenses the downward view is particularly good. The internal volume is very low even rivaling some free diving masks so clearing it is a quick and easy effort.

Also, the skirt is made from a hypoallergenic silicone perfect for anyone who struggles with skin allergies.


  • Adjustable strap buckles make an audible clicking sound so you can be confident in your adjustments
  • Hypoallergenic silicone will benefit anyone with skin allergies
  • The lenses tilt inward closer to the eyes making the field of vision wide but in a durable frame


  • People with larger noses may not like the fit with the low volume and angled in lenses
  • You may not get the tightest seal if you have a beard or facial hair

Best For GoPro

Are you ready to try out a full face mask? The Ocean Reed Space G is our pick for an entry level mask that will get you started comfortably and in style. It replaces your mask and regulator and attaches to your existing low pressure hose and first stage.

We like that you have the options for integrated communications or to leave it out as many divers aren’t ready to disrupt the serenity of their underwater experience with talking. It can be nice however, for buddy teams or when working in groups to be able to communicate more easily than with hand signals.

The mask also comes in a bunch of colors so you’re sure to find a look that fits you.


  • You have the options to purchase with or without the communications unit installed. Since not everyone will want to talk underwater, the cost savings is welcome.
  • Comes with a nice storage bag to keep the mask safe in between dives
  • There are a number of colors to choose from including cobalt blue, white, emerald green, and pink
  • Has a more compact form than other masks such as the OTS full face mask while still fitting a broad range of nose size and shapes


  • Learning to breathe through your nose underwater will take many divers some adjustment time
  • Is a bit heavier out of the water than other models but we find this an acceptable trade off for its durability

What to Look for When Buying a New Scuba Mask?

Different Mask Designs

There have never been so many options in dive masks before. This means its both easier and more complicated to find the best scuba mask for you. It’s great to have options, but understanding what they are and the benefits will help you make the best purchase for you.

Low Volume Mask

Masks that have less air inside are considered low volume. These masks will be easier to clear underwater as you won’t have to breath out as much to fill them. Another benefit to the low profile is how compact they pack up for traveling or even as a backup mask stowed in a pocket.

Single Lens Scuba Mask

A mask with a single lens can be a bit easier to clean and apply defog to. Depending on its volume it may also feel like you have greater visibility in your peripheral view. Normally people with larger noses will not find the fit of a single lens mask as comfortable.

Double Lenses Scuba Mask

A double or dual lens mask has two individual windows. This mask style is typically lower volume than a single lens mask. It also offers more options for people who need (or want) corrective lenses. There are a number of masks that take prescription lenses now and you can even install bifocals that help even those with the best vision to more easily see the tiny critters like pygmy seahorses.

Frameless Dive Mask

A frameless mask typically has a greater visual range than its framed counterpart. This means you’ll feel a bit less impeded from seeing everything around you during your dive. One of the biggest benefits of the frameless mask is its size. Because the les is molded into the skirt instead a frame its a space saving alternative that’s especially good for those that travel great distances to get their dives in.

Framed Dive Mask

Alternatively, framed masks feel sturdier as they have thicker materials in the frame supporting the lenses. It is more common to find a framed double lens mask so it’s often the choice for those needing corrective lenses. The field of view will feel a bit more constricted than with a frameless mask.

Panoramic Dive Mask

A panoramic mask is a framed mask that has a bit more volume inside to accommodate the addition of side windows. It helps to open up your peripheral vision on a dive, though some argue the difference is negligible and doesn’t offset the added bulk and volume.

Full Face Diving Mask

A full face mask, previously reserved for commercial use or high end divers, is now becoming more used in recreational diving. They are known to be safer since you have a seal around your entire face and can breathe normally through your nose. This type of mask also allows for communications systems to be used to talk to other divers.

Purge Valve Masks

Much like you clear a snorkel with a forceful breath, some masks have built in purge valves. It is a one way valve at the base of the nose pocket that allows the water to be pushed out. The best part is you don’t need to use your hands to clear your mask.

How to Care for Your Scuba Mask?

Preparing Your New Mask

The first step you should take when you get your new mask is to give it a good rub down with toothpaste. Yes toothpaste. It may sound strange but it helps to remove a protective coating added by the manufacturer. We want to remove this coating as its the main reason people complain of having a mask that fogs.

If after cleaning your mask with toothpaste you are still experiencing fogging during your dives you can also try burning the lens with a lighter. The lighter will burn off any of the remaining coating. As you put the lighter to the lenses don’t be concerned that it turns them black. It will easily wipe away and will not damage your mask. Just be careful not to burn your fingers.

Cleaning After Diving

After each of your dives you should rinse your mask thoroughly with fresh water. You can place your mask in the camera bucket on the boat, but only if you haven’t treated it with anything more than spit. Soaps and chemicals aren’t good for the cameras.

After rinsing the salt off, hang your mask to dry. It’s best if the lens faces up so that any water inside the mask has a chance to drain out. Also, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Storing Your Mask Between Dives

When it’s time to pack up your gear until the next trip, it’s best to store your mask in the plastic case it came with. Bugs like to eat silicone and after a while you will start to see little nibble marks on the skirting if you haven’t locked it away. For traveling back from a vacation it’s fine to use a padded bag. You can then transfer your mask to the plastic case when you return home.


Yes, you absolutely can! Some men will have challenges establishing a seal with their mask and will have water leak in throughout their dives. The best way to avoid this is to use a food grade silicone on the skirt of your mask before the dive.

You can expect to pay between $50 to $200 depending on the design, quality, and features. Spending less than this can be done, but remember, you get what you pay for. It’s better to spend a bit more for a mask from a reputable brand that you knw will last you for years and hundreds of dives.

Every mask has its pros and cons. A mask that may be perfect for one person, could leak the whole dive for another person.

The best dive mask depends on a number of factors such as the shape of your face, facial features, and any vision challenges.

In addition to those more personal specifications, it’s important to consider the quality of the materials the mask is made from. You want a mask that is built to withstand the salt water and that can easily travel with you without worry of damaging it.

So in short, it depends on a number of factors.

Bad news. We’ve yet to come across an fog free, anti-fog, or fog resistant mask that lives up to the manufacturer’s claims.

To reduce the foggines of your mask we have two recommendations. There are a few things you can do to greatly reduce if not eliminate issues with a mask that fogs up. When you first purchase a mask the manufacturer has covered the lenses in a protective film. This is one reason a new mask is much more apt to fog up than one that’s been broken in.

The first recommendation is to apply a toothpaste to the lenses and let it sit for a while before washing it away. You may have to do so a few times and make sure to fully cover the surface.

The second approach is to use a lighter to burn off the film. This can be a little scary as if you’re doing it correctly the mask lenses will turn black. Don’t worry the black color wipes away easily. Be careful not to burn your fingers with this method. If you have a longer candle stick style lighter its the safest way to avoid burns.

Lastly, in additon to the above solutions you’ll still want to use a defog before each dive. Plenty of people use regular old spit to coat the surface but if you’re not into that, don’t worry. There are a number of commercial options or even baby shampoo that will do the trick. Our favorite is the Sea Drops brand.

You don’t! The easiest way to see if a mask is a good fit for your face shape is to put it up to your face without using the strap and lightly inhale through your nose. If the mask stays firmly in place when you let it go then you have a good fit. It’s that simple!

The main difference is that it’s easier to get prescription or corrective lenses installed in a dual window mask.

Between dives hanging your mask is typically best with the lenses facing upward so that water does not pool inside it. It also keeps the critters away that can be attracted to damp areas.

Once your mask is dry it’s recommended to store it in the case it came in or a padded bag, which is more convenient for travel.

Yes, they are safe. In fact professional divers have been using this style for many decades and prefer them to separate mask and regulator setups.

Because you can breath as you would on land, through your nose, many believe full face masks to actually be safer. Also, they are more secure. Since the mask seals around the entire face they can be more air tight which will lead to less leaking during your dives. They’re also much more difficult to be accidentally knocked off or suffer from a strap breaking.

Place the mask up to your face without using the strap. Take a gentle breath in through your nose. If the mask stays in place when you remove your hands it is likely a good fit for you. You should not have to breath in heavily or continue to breathe in to hold the mask in place. You should also be able to pull on it gently without it breaking the seal with your face.

While any scuba mask can be used for snorkeling, most snorkeling masks are less suitable for scuba diving. This is due in large part to the construction.

A snorkel mask typically has a lens made from plastic or acrylic whereas a scuba mask is made from tempered glass. Scuba masks need the extra strength due to the atmospheric pressure as you descend deeper.

As you can imagine with lessor materials being used, snorkel masks are very budget friendly. You can probably find one for as little as $15 or $20 whereas scuba masks typically start closer to $50 and range up to $200 for typical recreational diving masks. Full face masks move the price into the thousands of dollars though.

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