Peru’s Little Galapagos – Paracas, Peru

paracas peru isla ballestas sea lion 800

Paracas, Peru is a small oceanfront town south of Lima.  The locals vacation there in the summer, and why not?  It literally never rains there because of the desert climate and the weather blocked by the Andes Mountains to the west.  Also, since its a desert climate you get warm days and cool nights (not too cold though) so in my book the temperature is just right. 

There are two major attractions in the area, the first being the Islas Ballestas or Ballestas Islands where you can get a poor man’s Gallapagos experience enjoying an array of wild life including sea lions, booby birds, penguins, dolphins, pelicans, and more.  The second area is the Paracas National Reserve lining the coast of the town.  It’s a great place to see astounding cliffside sea views, fossils preserved in the desert floor, watch the dolphins play in the ocean, enjoy a swim on a red sand beach, drink a pisco sour, and see the desert literally roll right into the sea.  

Ballestas Islands / Islas de Ballestas – The Little Gallapagos 


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