I Got An Urban Rush In La Paz


La Paz, Bolivia is known for a lot of things but I found a new adventure that is challenging visitors…Urban Rush.  Brought to you by some Kiwi’s, Urban Adventure has set up shop above the ritzy Hotel Presidente in the center of La Paz 17 stories off the ground.  From this height you can rappel or run down the face of a building for a total of a 50 meter drop!

la paz bolivia urban rush spidey 800

That’s not it though.  For the last 20 meters you can opt to do a breathtaking free fall that will have your stomach in your throat in no time flat.  It’s the best adrenaline rush I’ve had since Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua and when you throw in the choice of costumes, well it’s just a great time.  I chose Spider(wo)man but you can be Batman, Catwoman, Superman, or even Santa Claus if the suit fancies you.


Urban Rush has been treating clients to heart pounding fun for the past 8 months but has a long history as a part of the Gravity Bolivia team that has been running adventure biking tours for the past 13 years.  Backed by a strong reputation but also by a meticulous focus on safety, the team at Urban Rush made me feel more than comfortable putting my life in their hands.

You get to practice as much as you want before taking the big step and they have created a clever wall to imitate stepping out of the building for the first time.  It really made the difference for my nerves!  Given that most of the folks who try the Urban Rush experience have never touched a rope in their lives, this is something that anyone can experience and about 150 people a month do.

So if you’re looking for something that will get your heart pounding in La Paz or just for a bit of a different experience, I definitely recommend checking out Urban Rush.

Want to see my jump?  Check out the video!


Thanks to the team at Urban Rush for sponsoring my visit.  All opinions expressed are my own regardless of sponsorship.  

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