Hiking Volcan Mombacho for a Spectacular View

volcan mombacho view of granada 600

Volcan Mombacho looms over the city of Granada and is a fixture in the views from the area.  The volcano itself rises 1344 meters from the coast of Lago de Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua) and provides stunning view of the city of Granada, Laguna de Apoyo, and even the island of Ometepe

The top portion of the volcano is home to a vast cloud forest with flora and fauna that can only be found on this volcano and nowhere else in the world.  There are two hiking trails that lead from the top of the volcano near a research station around the volcanic craters.  Luckily there is transportation from the base of the volcano to the top where a restaurant and souvenir store sits.  Otherwise the hike up would be a full if not multi day hike as the road is at a 40 degree incline for the majority of the drive. 

I hiked the first trail that leads around the main crater and provides amazing views along the way.  The second trail is an extension of the first but requires a guide to navigate around the second crater.  It is also a much more difficult hike. 

Flips on the Trip

A Tree house hostel nearby – Poste Rojo

The Poste Rojo hostel is not an easy hostel to reach but it’s worth the trek.  It sits high up into the hills at the base of Volcan Mombacho and is a great jumping off point to hike the volcano or go zip lining in the reserve.  You are also only a 10 minute drive or tuk tuk ride from Granada so it’s easy access to get away from the city and immerse in the jungle forest high above the valley below.  I really enjoyed the laid back vibe but wasn’t exactly thrilled about the ‘compost toilets’….known to most back home as outhouses. 

poste rojo tree house hostel 600
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poste rojo tree house hostel sunset 600
poste rojo tree house hostel sunset watching 600

Magnificent Views of Granada, Lake Nicaragua, and Laguna de Apoyo

From the top of Volcan Mombacho you can see the entire valley below.  The views at this height are just stunning! 

volcan mombacho military jeep ride 600
volcan mombacho view 600
volcan mombacho view of granada 600
volcan mombacho view of granada laguna de apoyo 600
volcan mombacho view over crater 600

Flops on the Trip

The Chicken Bus missed my stop

On my way to Poste Rojo from Ometepe, I repeatedly asked to be let off at the proper stop.  I guess my persistence didn’t pay off as the bus driver didn’t let me off until far past my stop which had me walking at dusk until I could find a tuk tuk to take me to the hostel. 

My bags are waaay to heavy

From the bus drop off to the tuk tuk and then from the base of the hostel hillside to the top, I carried 75 pounds of bags (recently weighed them at the airport) and was utterly beat after the trek.  To get to the tree house hostel you have to ascend numerous flights of rocky stairs and I decided yet again, it’s time to lighten my load.  I just never know what to get rid of! 

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